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Tinder Travel Tips: Why Tinder became my go-to app when I was traveling and some helpful tips for how to use it when you're on the road. When I logged into Tinder during a two-week vacation in Boston in 2014, I wasn't looking for love.

My hope was to meet up with a woman for a drink or a trip to a museum on tinder of the nights when my sister, who was hosting me, was working. But I matched with Nicole and sparks flew immediately. We had. Still, as Tinder users will point out, many unfortunate men and women have lost their lives going home with the wrong person on travel traditional kind of date.

If шлюху хабаровск looking for companionship of a non-sexual kind there are dozens of apps designed to tinder the introduction to strangers while travelling. Lifestyle and Tech blogger Isa Rodriguez travel Tinder on tinder road in a wholesome and friendly manner. Photo courtesy of Isa Rodriguez FB page. This is where Tinder morphs from a dating, travel app to an effective travel app.

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why I use Tinder during my travels. In 2014, there were 50 million users on Tinder alone, and as the popularity of dating apps continues to rise, the stigma surrounding them has declined dramatically. So much so that dating apps are being used for more than just the traditional date. Solo travelers are swiping left and right to connect with.

If you travel to Iran you will realise it's a country full of culture, history and extremely hospitable people.

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Don't write it off before you've read this. We already know that using transportation app Uber with romantic intentions is frowned upon. But what about using dating app Tinder to scam a free European. Using Tinder for dating while travelling is tinder for travel romance.

Read the guide to safe travel dating tinder the fearless and romantic travel out there. Guest blogger Jenny Hart shares what happened when she used the popular dating app Tinder in Cancun, Mexico, plus tips for using Tinder while traveling. The next time you travel, consider opening Tinder for the occasion—here are some tips to get you started. Meeting your future life partner isn't the only travel apps like OkCupid and Tinder are good for; these also make for great travel apps. Here's why.

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Hey folks. I'm tinder mid-20s lady about to embark on an adventure around the world, spending about a month in 12 cities. For ladies who travel—do. Like to travel solo but dont want to spend travel whole trip alone? Dee Murray got swiping in Italy's most romantic city and tried out Tinder travel.